10 Pack of Chinese Candle Lanterns

10 Pack of Chinese Candle Lanterns

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Chinese Paper Lanterns, in China, they call them Kongming Lantern. It is said they were invented by a hero whose name was Kongming. Chinese Paper Lanterns are ideal for wedding, holiday, birthday and other celebrations parties, they are the perfect, safe alternative to a fireworks display that can provide a finale to your big day that you and your guests will remember forever! You can design your lantern by yourself, you can draw pictures, write your personal messages,on your lanterns.

Please follow the instructions on the packaging and on the instruction leaflet enclosed with every Sky Lantern. Always keep water or fire extinguishers nearby. Children must not be left unattended with the lanterns. Make sure that you familiarize yourself fully with the instructions provided. Ensure that the wind is not stronger than 5 mph. Ensure that trees are not in the flight path. Must be released more than 5 miles away from any airports. Do not use around dry crops or grass. Wear sensible clothing that is does not dangle around your hands or flap around any flame Note:

1) Check the direction of the wind prior to launch to verify flight path ensuring there are no obstacles. Ensure the lantern is fully opened, not creased or at an angle.

2) Please contact your local Coastguard station if you intend to use Sky Lanterns near the coast, as they can get confused with distress flares.

3) No warranty for lantern as specail items.

4) There exists some color shading. Package Included 10 x Chinese paper lanterns White

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