4-Channel Remote Control Cloning/Duplicator

4-Channel Remote Control Cloning/Duplicator

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4-Channel Remote Control Cloning/Duplicator

4-Channel RF Wireless Remote Control Duplicator for Cars, Garage Doors, Gate Doors, Alarm Systems etc. This is a fixed frequency remote cloner (433.92mhz) for copying 99.99% common fixed and learning code remote controls. Clone up to 4 remote signals from 4 different remotes!

Duplicate Your Existing Remote Controllers so you always have a backup: 


1. Vehicle central locking systems  

2. Garage doors  

3. Electronic gates  

4. Electrical appliances/Home automation i.e. lights

5. Car sunroofs  

6. Car/Motorbike alarms


Easy to use, the 4 channel remote control system lets you take control of your gadgets,  car, home and garage. How to Program (it's easy!):

1. Press the two top button until the blue LED flashes - this takes around 3 seconds.  

2. Place the cloner remote and the original remote close together/side by side so that they are touching.

3. Simultaneously press a button on your original remote and one of the buttons on the clone remote and hold until the LED on the clone remote flashes steadily. (The Blue LED will first flash 3 times quick, then stops for a second, then flashes steadily for successful cloning). 

4. Programming is now successful! If you want to program more buttons simply repeat steps 2 > 4. It's that easy! To reset the remote simply start again with step 1.

PLEASE NOTE: This model can ONLY clone fixed code remote controls. It is not compatible with rolling code or billion code remotes.

Please ensure you check your existing remote for compatibility prior to purchase.

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