2 x CUBE Electronics MINI digital speaker

2 x CUBE Electronics MINI digital speaker

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MINI Digital Speakers


Product Description

  • Portable, digital, multi-media speaker, enjoy music any time anywhere
  • This digital speaker can be deemed as a perfect combination of classic and modern performance, and it is praised as masterpiece of audio boxes,
  • New mini aluminium vibration film loud speaker, the unique design makes tone performance perfect.
  • Mini audio box with new concept integral stereo portable music, connecting your mp3, mp4, ipods, iphones, ipads, micro sd/tf card, etc.
  • Several power supply manner including battery, computer USB, Adaptor DC-5V
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery and USB power..



  • Output: Rms 3W THD=10%
  • Frequency response: 150-18000Hz(+-3dB)
  • Signal and noise ratio of power amplifier: >80dB
  • Loud Speaker 1.77inches(external diameter 45mm)
  • Magnetic resistant 4Ohms
  • Power supply: 5V/1000Ma AC Power Adaptor is ok to use.
  • Computer USB power rotate connect line (both can choose, external charge)
  • MD07 functions as MP3 decoding, capable of directly. built-in FM


Retail Packing including:

  • MD07 Speaker with FM
  • USB & audio in to mini 5Pin cable
  • Cable


The device has an on/off toggle switch and four control pushbutton switches (left to right) are:
1. Menu (FM Radio or MP3 Player) select
2. Playhttp://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/icon1.png/Hold
3. Back/Previous
4. Forward/Next

Inputs and output are:
1. 1/8" External Source Input Jack
2. Micro SD Slot
3. Mini USB 5v External Power Input
4. 1/8" Headset/Output Jack
5. USB Memory Card/USB Cable Input/ (Right Side)

The Menu switch has two functions, MP3 Player and FM Radio as indicated by the display. If the Play/Hold switch is pushed in and held for a few seconds the radio will automatically sweep and put the available local stations in memory.

The back and forward switches are used to select the desired station. The display indicates station channel number and broadcast frequency (MHz).

In the MP3 Player function Menu function the Play/Hold Switch starts and stops the player.

Back and Forward switches select the previous or next track. Simple as that. The player automatically playshttp://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/icon1.png the next file if left alone unless the Play/Hold switch is pressed. The display indicates file number and play time.

If a 5v dc supply is connected to the Mini USB connector the battery will remain charged and it can be used as a small table radio/player. The internal battery will last for up to one hour once fully charged. A full charge is achieved after 3 hours.

The volume is controlled by holding the forward or back switches in for a couple of seconds and it will switch to volume level control. The display is LED rather than LCD and easier to view. It is on continuously when the player is working with the charger attached.

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